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Tour of Rajasthan with Escorts Aerocity girls

India wow, a amazing country, here various tradition, various people, various language, various culture and all things is various, oh mind blowing tour here, my friend jazz say me , you will firstly tour in Rajasthan, I say ok and find a tour with escorts service name is Escorts Aerocity, we find Escorts Aerocity service because we had listen, the girl of Escorts Aerocity has more knowledge about rajasthan because of in Escorts Aerocity service has local Rajasthani girls so we get the service of Escorts Aerocity girls and tour with her, this tour is finest tour of my life because in this tour we will enjoy fun with fear, you will understand, why I tell you fun with fear  after listen the story of this tour with me.

Now I telling you the story about this fun with fear tour, 

Rajasthan “a state of earldom”

Rajasthan was a state of kings and earldom, in this state mewad and Udaipur is famous kingdom of ancient india, rajasthan is also famous with their culture and language, tradition of rajasthan is also different,  rajasthan is largest state of india, rajasthan is also famous for lake  and worlds top desert thar, when you read Indian history then you will see rajasthan is more famous than others state, indias famous kings are from rajasthan, indias maximums earldom is available in rajasthan, meaning of rajasthan is , Raja means king and sthan means place means palace of king, so if you want to tour india than don’t avoid to rajasthan, without tour of rajasthan your tour won’t be  successful and if you roam to rajasthan with Escort Aerocity girls than you will feel double fun so tour rajasthan with Escort Aerocity girl and enjoy fun with fear.

Famous place to visit in Rajasthan by me with Escort In Aerocity girls.

I ask to Escort In Aerocity  girl, what is the famous place in rajasthan to visit , she told me and describe about all famous place of rajasthan, she tell me we enter jaipur first then go to Udaipur, jodhpur, jaisalmer, pushkar, Bikaner and barmer.

She tell me Jaipur is pink city here all building color is pink, in jaipur we will  visit jantar mantar, hawa mahal, jal mahal, alber hall museum , naragah fort, city place amer fort, jaigarh fort and rambagh place after visited here go to Udaipur , udiapur is called lake city here multi lake is available we will firstly visited Lake pichola, then Monsoon place, Fateh sagar lake, Lake garden and all same place after here we will visited all famous place of jodhpur, jaisalmer, pushkar, Bikaner and barmer.

Rajasthan a place of unique snake.

Rajasthan is also a place of unique snake because of the maximum parts of rajasthan is come to under of thar desert and desert is a home of reptiles, I tell you fun with fear story because of a unique snake of rajasthan, in outlying place of rajasthan has not good transportation, when I had enter the faraway place of rajasthan with Aerocity Escorts girls and stay a small dhaba or hotel , after dinner , the owner of this dhaba gives us ball of salt and tell , you can sleep with this salt ball , I am shocked and ask why, then Aerocity Escorts girls tell me story about this salt ball , they told me, a unique snake is available here , this snake is very nimble , if you also sit at the height this snake able to cut you, this snake will  not cut you when you sleep , when you sleep this snake come near you and sit your chest and put her position to your mouth and knocked your chest with her tell when they will go from your body, if feel any knocked in your body then you eat that salt, if the taste of salt is sweet then you call me and tell about this and if the taste of salt is salty then does not mind you are safe, I was feared with this story , I woke up whole night and was scared, that amazing experienced in rajasthan ,  but I thankful to Aerocity Escorts girls who keeping me tight   and trying to remove my fear.


So if you want to roam in rajasthan and want  visit to all tourist place of rajasthan then you can take the service of Aerocity Escorts, the Aerocity Escort girl is better known about all famous place of rajasthan, shewill give you a very good view  of rajasthan, if you want to take the service of Aerocity Escort then you do call to office of Aerocity Escort service and ask for best tour girls, they provide you like you, for contact number you can go to her official website and take her whats app number or direct call No.

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