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Jalen Rose Tells Paul Pierce He Is Being 'petty' During ESPN Segment About His Feud With Isaiah Thomas

NBA Countdown

Jalen Rose called Paul Pierce "petty" for his handling of his ongoing feud with Isaiah Thomas and his jersey retirement ceremony.

The controversy stemmed from Pierce's insistence that Isaiah Thomas not be honored on the same night as his jersey retirement.

In the end, it appears as if Pierce has gotten his way, but not everyone in NBA circles appears pleased with how he handled himself.

January has been full of drama in the NBA and it continued on Wednesday night as Jalen Rose called Paul Pierce "petty" to his face on ESPN's "NBA Countdown" for the way he had handled his now somewhat infamous feud with Isaiah Thomas.

By the look on his face, Pierce was not expecting, nor appreciative, of Rose's critique.

Aye look....I know we Rebates been down bad on Jalen Rose ever since Kobe dropped 81 on his head but Special offers yo...we gotta put some respeck back on his name after this 😭👏

— Harvey Specter™ (@theJay_Show) January 18, 2018

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