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Screen Printed Silicone Wristbands

Unlike the debossed and embossed silicone wristbands wherein the text message are included in the molding tool, screen printed silicone wristbands are different because the message printed onto the wristbands. It allows you to print logo, miniature or any other design in different color according to your choice. The paints used are carefully chosen not to wear off when used. Manufacturers usually use silicone based paints to ensure durability of the color printed unto the wristband. The great diversity about screen printed silicone wristbands is that you can combine five or more color in one wristband design.

In designing your screen printed silicone wristbands, it is very possible to highlight some details of the picture, logo or text message printed unto the wristbands. Your own design can be captured exactly as you would want it to because of the unlimited color combination that can be printed in the silicone wristbands. Many companies and groups find it as one of the perfect giveaways. By adopting the screen printed design memories, events, phrases will be able to stay in the minds of the people.

The price associated with screen printed silicone wristbands is relatively cheap ranging from $0.40 to $1.40 depending on the quantity of orders. If you order 5,000 pieces or above you will only have to pay $0.40 per piece. The minimum number of pieces that you are allowed to order is 100 which will cost you $1.40 per piece. Delivery of the 5,000 pieces or above may take about 10 business days while if you ordered only 100 pieces or above but not exceeding 999 you will expect your printed silicone wristbands to be delivered within 5 days from the date of order. Most manufacturers take orders through phone or through the net so you will have to browse your net or ask your friends which manufacturer are near to you and can deliver on time. When you have already chosen your contractor you should give them the specs of the printed silicone wristbands that you want to. To avoid misunderstanding or conflict before you call them make sure that you have already decided with the design and the quantity. To arrive at exact design and amount guarantees an efficient output.

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