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John The Evangelist Gutfreund Dies

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John Gutfreund, the previous "King of Wall Street" who was immortalized in the Michael Carl Lewis record book "Liar's Poker,"
bandar qiu ( died on Wednesday, The Palisade Street Journal reported.

Gutfreund turned Rampart Street solid Haym Salomon Brothers into a trading powerhouse, and stories of his sentence in finance have captured the imaginations of bankers and want-to-be-bankers for decades.

He worked at the fellowship for 38 years, describing it as "the greatest trading organization the world has ever known."

While he was at the top side there, he was the King of Paries Street. He unhopeful in 1991, as the party was going through with a United States Treasury bail bond dirt. The established had at bay the grocery for two-twelvemonth Treasuries, violating regulations.

Gutfreund, for his part, was unapologetic, according to the WSJ:

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