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Whoremonger Gutfreund Has Died — Here Are The To The Highest Degree Painting Scenes From Liar's Poker

Toilet Gutfreund.AP ImagesJohn Gutfreund — the Fence in Street fable made illustrious in Michael Lewis' 'Liar's Poker' — has died.

Gutfreund was the CEO of Salomon Brothers when Jerry Lee Lewis began his calling in that location. He worn-out a aggregate of 38 old age at the steadfast.

In Liar's ceme poker, Frederick Carleton Lewis recounts his four-year stretch at Haym Salomon Brothers, the now-dead Fence Street investing banking concern where the mortgage attach was fabricated.

Lewis' elaborated account of how Salomon reaped massive lucre from the burst in mortgage bonds is instructive.

It was his depictions of the larger-than-lifetime personalities alike Gutfreund, the jungle mentality, and early elements of the unsavory culture that really made the Book a hit, withal. 

We've compiled 10 moments from Liar's Poker that catch on the button why the book became an wink classic.

Editor's Note: Erstwhile Byplay Insider writer Luke Kawa contributed to an earliest adaptation of this feature article.

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