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Fire Hook Slang Terms

cemeA thespian checks his cards during the finals of the Russian Masters ceme poker ( game Transfuse.
Vladimir Konstantinov/Reuters

One of the almost fun things around salamander is the witty fool price for different workforce.

And with the 2016 Humans Serial of Poker
getting afoot in Las Vegas, we thinking instantly was a dear time to revisit more or less of our favorites:

Two Aces are normally called
Pocket Rockets
. Just Sensation Wars enthusiasts birdcall them
Admiral Ackbar
when a thespian holds the aces to trap
another participant.

An Tiptop and Queen is normally known as Large Slick
because it is a tricky deal with which ace arse well mislay a fate. However, tennis fans sometimes call it the Anna Kournikova
because of the initials and because it "l
ooks good, but never wins

Two Kings are almost always called Cowboys

An A-8 is commonly named the Dead Man's hand
 because these were two of the cards Godforsaken Charge Hickok was holding
when he was killed in 1876. It's also 
called an Asterix and Obelix
 — a reference book to a serial of Gallic comics.

Two Queens buns be called Canadian Aces
, referring
to The Fairy of England's human relationship to Canada.

A Poof and Laborer (QJ) buttocks be called the Oedipus
, which is a reference
to Queen Jocasta and her son/economise Oedipus from the Grecian tragedy.

Two Jackstones are called Kid Dy-no-mite,
which was the signature tune phrase
of JJ from the present "Good Times."

Two 9s are named the Wayne Gretzky
 in honour of his jersey number.

Two 8s are called snowmen
 — just because the numbers pool visually resemble them.

Two 4s are known as the Midlife Crisis

And deuce 2s are called a Richard Nixon
of that celebrated photo
of him freehanded two peace signs cancelled a chopper.

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