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Apple Patented A Way For An IPhone To Enter 'panic Mode' When Unlocked With A Specific Finger

Maybe this man is activating panic mode. Reuters

Apple has filed a patent for a method to secretly enter "panic mode" on an iPhone when it's unlocked with a specific finger. That could mean that the phone locks out personal information or completely resets the device.

The Apple patent, dated May 5 2014, includes lots of different potential functions for panic mode. Basically it's a system to lock down the phone if a user is forced to unlock it with their fingerprint.

Modern iPhones use a system called TouchID that lets users unlock the phones by holding down their finger on the home button. Users can add multiple fingerprints to the phone's software - but Apple suggests adding a secret finger that, when used to unlock the phone, makes it enter panic mode.

Apple says that when an iPhone is unlocked using a "panic finger," the iPhone realises that the user is in "distress" and limits access to personal data. Apple's patent suggests that this mode would be useful for emergency situations or if someone is trying to steal the iPhone.

The panic mode could also be used to capture photographs or video of a thief who is trying to steal an iPhone. Apple says that the iPhone could then securely send those files over the internet to the user's iCloud account, and could then be turned over to the police. Apple also xam nghe thuat 3D mentions that panic mode could trigger the iPhone's microphone, and the user could describe the person who is attacking them. That's just like in the movie "Taken":

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