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BioShock Game - An Underwater Saga

The BioShock game is based on a storyline of the novel 'Atlas Shrugged', and spins around the geopolitical situations. The game is terrifying as it occurs in Rapture, the undersea, that deals with the narrator as the protagonist in this game. BioShock refers to the scientific experiments that were being transpired in Rapture and were left unknown to people.

The game presents a rare storyline that is exemplary having excellent audio and visuals, besides looking sensational. The graphics are above the expectations making this game look sensation while holding a nice frame rate, yet the zombie horror fest features plenty of twists and turns, besides the eerie sounds of girls while they hide is thrilling. The footsteps are loud and clear when the enemies are approaching and can be understood immediately, but the engrossing aspect is that when the narrator launches at his opponents an endless swarm of bees. The player can use lighting to hurl the enemies in water and also damage the adjacent adversaries, besides using a gun. The blend of bullets and expending magic presents an intriguing balance.

BioShock refers to be the first person shooter game having RPG elements taking place in an alternate version. A businessman created an undersea city called Rapture that offered an opportunity to advance humanity and to live free of the surface world problems. Jack lands in Rapture owing to his plane crash and begins to sort out the truth that is underlying in the city and its origins, besides dealing with ADAM cells, the frightening Big Daddies (genetically enhanced humans grafted to an armored diving suit) and mysterious little sisters. The storyline is engrossing and focuses on morality with unique endings such that everything is extremely emotional.

BioShock game deals with a steady yet sluggish Big Daddy, however, the players in the original game certainly are aware that the game deals with the concept that Rapture was established in the aim of founding a society that is unbound of government rules as well as religious moralities. Throughout the game BioShock, Big Daddy embarks on the unenviable mission of returning to Rapture and this is done successfully by investigating a series of kidnappings. The little sisters succeed in making the surface of the game, but are thieved and taken back to the Rapture depths to face the menace of Big Daddy.

BioShock game functioning is very smooth allowing a clear graphical demonstration. It contributes a good name feeling and bestows gaming benefits, being ready to associate the multitude of guns and drills in one hand and the other hand is busy with the mysterious 'plasmid'. Plasmid assists in making fire, electricity and also in controlling objects using telekinesis, besides presenting improved talents at all levels of the game progress. However, enough skill and care is applied in this game and there are few updated areas as well that is now feasible to unearth the ocean floor while investigating. The array of monsters and the Big Sister try to stop the quest tracks at varied parts.

BioShock is a simple game that does not allow the player to deter owing to its suspenseful music, and is sure to give nightmares to amateur gamers. It is frightening to play in the dark, yet is an exciting video game.

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