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Risky Stalemate As Science Battles Human Fears At Fukushima

ONAHAMA, Japan (AP) - Ꮇore tһan six years after a tsunami overwhelmed tһе Fukushima nuclear power ρlant, Japan һas уet to reach consensus on what to do witһ a mіllion tоns of radioactive water, stored ߋn site in around 900 larցe and densely packed tanks tһɑt couⅼd spill ѕhould anot

Purple Fluorite Bodily Therapeutic Energy

This obvious range of calcite is common in Nordic areas. It bends gentle by two distinct amounts, producing a double picture (see the picture previously mentioned).Rainbow Fluorite harmonizes the three rays of color energy, and could even include clear / white sections. This synergy creates a extrem

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Passengers (2016)- Directed By Morten Tyldum

The forthcoming cerebral space thriller starring Ame


量子コンピューターの使い道は暗号解読ではない。D-Waveシステムズによって商用化された量子アニーリング方式のコンピューターは、最適化問題やサンプリングで威力を発揮する。 「量子コンピューターを最初に言い出し
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